By Robert Greenberger

ISBN-10: 0743462890

ISBN-13: 9780743462891

at the cusp in their epic conflict with Shinzon, a lot of Captain Jean-Luc Picard's long-time staff have been heading for brand spanking new assignments and new demanding situations. one of the alterations have been William Riker's advertising to captain and his new command, Riker's marriage to Counselor Deanna Troi, and Dr. Beverly Crusher's new occupation at Starfleet scientific. however the tale of what set them on a course clear of the Starship Enterprise™ hasn't ever been instructed.
The routine blood feuds among the Bader and the Dorset ended mysteriously a century in the past while either races colonized the planet Delta Sigma IV. yet, unknown before, it was once a response to a obviously happening fuel that ended in their harmonious existence...a response that may ultimately suggest yes demise for the planet's population. What the Enterprise staff believed was once a treatment for the inhabitants -- a remedy brought into Delta Sigma IV's atmosphere by means of Kyle Riker, a guy at odds along with his son, Commander William Riker -- has as a substitute brought on around the world carnage, as long-suppressed aggression and hostility are unexpectedly and violently unleashed.
stuck in a global close to self-destruction, Captain Picard -- a guy nonetheless waging his personal own conflict for redemption within the eyes of his commanding officials -- needs to by some means have the opportunity to solve this catastrophic occasion and keep his staff, while the results of his activities might finally doom a whole race....

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