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“A Tyrant within the school room” is a compilation of eight attractive and humorous BL tales through Soko Ikeda.

1. A Tyrant within the Classroom
Kaido first well-known his pupil, Kaoru Ninomiya as an ideal doll-like most sensible scholar that's enjoyed by way of everyone.. until eventually he used to be all at once pressured to have sexual relatives with him. yet, why couldn’t Kaido face up to from Ninomiya? And why did he suppose ache whilst Ninomiya ultimately left after Kaido informed him to stop?

2. the preferred Marriage session Office
Ryoji Sumiya is named the best Marriage counselors within the place of work, yet he's additionally being rumored as a woman-hater. The subordinate Nanto guessed Sumiya is homosexual and is consider cozy putting out with him. but if he eventually figured out that Sumiya isn't inevitably homosexual, he used to be already fell too hard...

3. Lovesick Dog
Shun and Kazu were jointly considering the fact that formative years till either grew to become academics within the comparable tuition. Their character remains an analogous, the doglike Shun and the trustworthy Kazu, yet their our bodies at the moment are an adult's. Kazu is afraid that Shun might by no means get happiness if he saved clinging on him, so he kept away from him away... yet Kazu actual feeling is...

4. scrumptious Love
Eitaro Kudo began consuming along with his good-looking and good-at-cooking junior, Morohashi. Eitaro has constantly wanted for a lover like Morohashi, yet ahead of he eventually realizes his feeling, his ex-girlfriend got here again to thieve Morohashi!

5. physique Pillow Lover Babies
Hiro and Shige were neighbors in such a lot of methods, together with physique pillow acquaintances. Shige is particularly acutely aware that his affection is unrequited, but if Hiro gets calls from a lady, he felt his ache is unbearable...

6. Detec-upple: The Undercover research is a Love Trap
Homuro and Mukoda is a detective companion wanting to trap the syndicate of pirated grownup DVD in Shinjuku 2d district. because the suspect's operating position is a homosexual bar, they need to cross undercover as a homosexual couple. yet, was once it simply an act?

7. the eagerness of Chemistry instructor Kyoichi Kata
A humorous brief tale among a pupil, chemistry instructor, and a full-course intercourse promise among them.

8. helpful Smile
Manaka relatively cherished his activity simply because Me-chan, the man with a zero-yen smile is there. yet Manaka doubts timid individual like him can get with regards to his weigh down so he instructed Me-chan he desired to hand over. while tears without notice circulation in Me-chan cheeks, Manaka is...

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