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Melnik Alexander Ivanovich

I turned to this agency for help due to the fact that once a good friend did not want to return a certain amount of money, and my arguments and efforts to return the funds did not give results. The guys got down to business and professionally and skillfully made sure that my debtor returned the borrowed amount. I recommend contacting "Private detective Uzhgorod" to restore justice and your rights!

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Horvat Yuriy Yuriyovich

My sister lived and studied in Kiev for some time, but returned home due to her father’s illness. And after his death, she again left for Kiev and in three months got in touch only a couple of times. Naturally, my mother and I began to worry, because she was very depressed due to the loss of a loved one. But since they could not independently contact her and find out what was happening, they turned to the detectives for help. It turned out that everything was in order and she simply had reasons for such behavior. The main thing is that everything is fine with her. And the agents are very grateful for the speed and tact in the work.

Tel.:+380504327527, Tel.:+380684769593



I will be brief, I ordered the agency to check the name of the business partner, as well as the address of registration and residence. Judging by the speed with which the task was performed, it turned out to be very simple for the agency. The results fully correspond to reality, as a client I am completely satisfied. In the event that I need to establish what is not talked about, I will refer to you.
Skype : maximav777



Thank you very much for your help. I myself would have never found a way out of this difficult situation. You are true professionals.


I, of course, against the dating on the internet, but then I started to write one young man. One day I went to him immediately located, only in something haunted. A friend advised me to check his past, and in general, the person lives. Employees of the detective agency found that it is absolutely not the one it claims to be, and to his credit for many of these victims, like me, he just bred for money. Glad I did not have time to become attached to it strongly, and it was much harder to break even this correspondence.


I do not know what prompted me to do it, probably just some sort of sixth sense. But decided to check out your car at the agency. It turned out that he punctuated with bugs wiretapping. Now we find out who and why it is needed. Thanks guys, what you have and help us.


I express my appreciation and gratitude for what you have to quickly find my best childhood friend, who has lost touch with many years ago. My attempts were unsuccessful. Thank you once again.


After my car was stolen a few months, hope to find it almost gone. The statement I gave to the police immediately, but the search did not give the desired results. In your agency advised me to contact my good friends, the other options I had. And now, almost lost hope, I get happy news, my car found many miles from the place of theft. Thank you very much.


And I helped detectives in this case as an investment . After reading the book " How to make a personal financial plan . Road to Independence " , I decided to also try to invest . After so tired of living : for now , the money is there , as stopped - they instantly evaporate . Found a company and wanted to invest money there , though not all , on the advice of the book. I probably intuition told , because the agency " Private detective Uzhgorod" I found myself on the Internet . Decided to address to them that they have collected information about this company . Detectives found that the firm losing , I'd just lost my money . Thank detectives believe that our staff are professionals.

Anton Ivanov

I want to thank your agency, because your experts helped me to find my childhood friend who is already 20 years living abroad. My friends persuaded him to find, and really, you've found it incredibly fast! We met all together our old company, it was so nice! Now I had never lose! We're friends again!

Very Grateful client

With me at work was an accident, I began to make him not. When I tried to defend their rights, and did I fired using one case.
I left not only without pay, but without any means of subsistence. After all, to get a job after such entry into employment is probably not real. But I pulled myself together and addressed to your agency. Thank God that you helped me to quickly investigate this accident and I will be obliged to pay a large sum of money!


Thanks for your employees that found my lost phone. The police have not done so. Although it is likely he could steal. Do not feel so sorry for the phone as the information that was stored on it, all the contacts. I believe that work here are the best professionals in their business!


I worked a lot with your agency " Private detective Uzhgorod" . I have no complaints , just a huge thankyou ! Just came to me some rumors that the husband can meet with my girlfriend. I went to the agency and, alas , my rumors were confirmed . Well, I do not need a husband with a girlfriend. Although bitterly aware of it , and that I trusted him and girlfriend , and betrayed me , it was very hard, I was depressed . Get out of it also helped me in the agency. Here are working class experts . Service ordered last time " Psychological support ."


Once I stole a bag of documents and cards, I was very upset, because I thought that nothing can be done. My friends advised me to your agency because you are working conscientious employees. And I decided to try. And a few days later my bag was found!


Once I paid a prepayment allegedly freelancer for the design of my site, and it is not surprising that the designer turned crook and just disappeared. To find it I had to contact the detective agency "Private detective Uzhgorod". Money was not so sorry, but I wanted to find this asshole! The agency calculated it immediately. He immediately returned the money, it turned out that he was not a designer, just a crook.

Grateful client

I hold a senior position in a large company. Recently, I suspected that I might overhear. I immediately turned to your detective agency "Private detective Uzhgorod". No wonder that in my phone found scutes. Thank you so much skill from your agency for confidential work performance. If need be, I will the next time!

Family Bogdanov

Tremendous thanks detective agency "Private detective Uzhgorod"! We do not have enough words to express my gratitude to the staff agency, because of which we found our daughter who left home.


What can you do for your loved one ? Probably all ! So I did. When we met on the Internet , I never imagined that I would come of something good. And so it happened . But first, all was well , we started dating and I fell in love with as a boy . Therefore. when she came in and said that her mother has cancer and she needs surgery , I found her money - Thirty-two thousand , where not only lent . But then she disappeared and did not take the phone, I could not find . Only thanks to your agency " Private detective Uzhgorod" I found out that it was an ordinary marriage swindler , and no police would not help as well .


Detectives detective agency from me thanks and kowtow. Helped me to find the father. Mother hid me from his existence, but I was glad when he was met.


Many thanks to those skilled in the detective agency "Private detective Uzhgorod"! You helped me find an internet scam! I'm glad now that I know the cord, it crooks can notify the other. Nothing to feed these loafers. Fleeced also submit them to court.

Family Aleshin

We want to express our gratitude detective agency "Private detective Uzhgorod" for what your experts have been able to save our beloved son from prison.
He wanted to hang unjustly accused of stealing, because he did not have an alibi, because they only need to order and how to take on the case of someone to quickly close it. Many thanks to your expert, scared and thought to have happened if he was imprisoned.

Victoria G.

I want to express my gratitude to the specialists of the detective agency "Private detective Uzhgorod" for help in my case .. This information is highly confidential, so I can not write about it. Before that, I had to go to the police and in the two agencies, but no standing results I never received only money spent in vain. And this agency helped me, though moved my business off the ground, which has dragged on for more than a year.

Family Petrovykh

Ordered the agency to make our family tree.
When our son grew up, he became interested in the history of our family. And here . When we realized that many of his questions we can not answer , and then turned to the " Private Detective Uzhgorod" . Have to say that agency staff - very nice people , we talked with them well now and keep in touch . We believe that we did a very good thing that we booked to make a family tree , it is of great importance in the education of our child , in its relation to us. And detectives , we believe , very skilled in this agency and to work responsibly . And the child is now happy , proud of his family and himself too.

Victoria V.

My husband and I are always very worried about his son and his always around the suspect. These so we parents. We thought our son had contacted some bad company, because it has become very rare to communicate with us. We did not want to follow him, so hired a detective. But it was just, detectives discovered that his son began to meet with a girl, but hid it from us. After that we still had to consult with a psychologist about how to behave with her son.


Last summer I had a holiday in Turkey . There I met a guy, we have had an affair , and , of course, we loved each other , and I was ready to marry him . But suddenly he was gone , and I could not reach him . I thought that he just threw me , but I was left to rest until the end voucher . When I came home , I could not find a place and asked the detective agency . This detective agency " Private detective Uzhgorod" suggested to me a friend who turned to him for checking his wife allegiance . I was so glad when my beloved found a week later. As a result, all cleared . Its just urgently summoned to work , and then he lost his phone . I had to believe it, and I have no doubt that he loves me , soon our wedding . I express my deep gratitude to the detectives , if they do not then we could not meet and more .


Opened my own business and decided to use the services of a detective agency to check employees hired to work. Order services polygraph testing lies. Not all were tested, but the results were good afterwards. For employees hired quite calm and I can rely on them.


I am a blogger , my posts often fall into the torus 25 best posts, but at the same time became the object of unjust accusations and attacks by some of my "friends." No negotiation on the network they have not acted . Honestly, even their motives were not clear . Probably jealous , wanted to humiliate . My photos were reproduced with scorn and derision , became an object of ridicule and my family members . So I decided to apply to a " private detective Uzhgorod" , wanted to punish these people , although I was advised not to pay attention to them. I believed that their experts will find what happened. I hope the court , I also win.

Aksenov Valery Fedorovich

Invited employees detective agency "Private detective Uzhgorod" check office on listening devices. Although the building was only built, I was not surprised that the bugs were discovered. I'm doing business and I have competitors. You've got to be cautious.


Probably no one quarrels with his girlfriend on the eve of the wedding every day. But Vika sorilis . Parted , and then again returned . I spend a lot of time on the internet and came across an ad that's detective agency " Private detective Uzhgorod" . Advertised their service " test of loyalty ." I decided to test Vick . Called the agency met with the detective showed me the script , I liked it , I got hooked myself. And Vick has passed the test at 100% . Since then we have been married for 2 years , I am no longer jealous . I know that such a man I no longer find , and in fact I could lose it just because of his jealousy.

Grateful client anonymously

I'm sorry that I once suspected his wife of infidelity. I really did not want to raise this issue with her. So I decided to contact you. Very good, that nothing was not confirmed. Thank you very much!


Addressed to the advice of friends to check when buying a car on the hijacking. Well, that turned, the car was in the hijacking. Of course, you need to understand at once - too little for it requested. But now I'll know that you need to check any car or buy a new one. Thanks to the staff of the detective agency. I will use again!


Had a positive experience with a detective agency " Private detective Uzhgorod" , now all friends would advise him on occasion. Let the course of this case , no one in my life will not be what I was . Whole life saving up for a car, but the money is eaten up by inflation . Yet some amount of great difficulty I have kept, took the rest of the loan. Less than a year , since I bought it and I stole my horse !
After I spoke to the police and I do not even promised to find an insurance company does not reimburse well - I did not that was a shock , depression .
And then I ran into a classmate with whom he had not seen for 15 years and he told me to turn to private detectives . I had nothing to lose , except the money that I had to pay upfront . So I decided to try it, but , frankly, did not expect . And it does not think that they will please me just two weeks . Thank you very much for their good detectives and necessary work

Vasily Petrovich

I do business , I have my own cafe, which has been successfully operating for five years. To open it, I spent a lot of effort and now devote much time to it . Outwardly it appears that all is well . It would be all right , but what a thieving people! I had to lay off so many that I have ceased to trust people in general . One man told me a good idea here to go for service verification polygraph lie. Upon such verification, some had to dismiss under various pretexts , but now I am working honest people now in employment , I will definitely book this man for a lie detector test . And , thank God, for two years working a lot calmer . Going to open another cafe.



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