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"Private detective Uzhhorod" - only quality work, a full range of legal services.

We work with anonymous clients.

Our services have wide coverage detective questions and legal subjects.

Detective Agency "Private detective Uzhgorod"

Welcome to the website of the company "Private Detective Uzhgorod"!

If you need the services of a private detective, then you are in the right place.

In life, there are situations when urgently needed to resolve various legal issues, whether it be an investigation, consultation, examination, etc. Many of your similar problems in the shortest possible time will be solved by the employees of our detective agency.

Since the solution of some problems goes beyond the Transcarpathian region, our detective agency provides services not only in the region, but throughout Ukraine, and, if necessary, abroad.

Our detectives are a team of professionals capable of performing many tasks, some of which are not always possible to contact government agencies. In addition, our advantage is the absence of bureaucracy, which helps in solving urgent issues, simplifying work and communication with clients.

On some issues, you can not even come to the office of a detective agency, talking to employees by phone or using other means of communication.

In our work we use only the latest technical developments. Modern means of control and observation, instruments for conducting various examinations, equipment using GPS data, computer programs and databases. This allows you to stand out among competitors and perform complex tasks as soon as possible.

Since the laws of Ukraine is no such thing as a private detective agency uses the media's right to conduct a journalistic investigation . For this company , " Private Detective Uzhgorod " is registered as mass media and therefore has the appropriate rights and all services detective has under this law .

Quality of work of a detective agency in Uzhgorod is at the proper height and guaranteed. Guest book you can read on this site in another village . Many of our customers are satisfied with the work of private detectives in Uzhgorod .

We conduct business honestly and never promise anything unattainable . If the issue can not be resolved , the client will be immediately notified. Another quality of our work - confidentiality . None of the outsiders will never know about your treatment and your business. In this issue we are professionals and own technology professional secrecy . Who does not want to lose customers.

So, if you have a need for our services, please contact the detective agency in Uzhgorod . Just call the number listed in the contacts , where you can specify the cost of a private investigator for your question.


Everyone who contacted us should get a result. We do not give empty promises if there is no prospect in a positive solution to your question. The work is fully confidential. Including the possible execution of tasks for anonymous clients.
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How much does a polygraph test cost

Today, the popularity of the lie detector is growing more and more. Basically, of course, this tool is used in their practice by the heads of various companies in order to conduct checks on their employees in the event of any investigations. But the polygraph is also popular among our private clients, if they especially want to carry out the identification of adultery.

Video surveillance of a person

Today there is no shortage of companies that could organize video surveillance, both for individuals and organizations. But the activities of private detective agencies are significantly different from the work of ordinary security companies in terms of providing video surveillance. We are not engaged in the corny installation of video cameras and setting up this technique. Of course, in solving this issue, we can also help you, but our activity to a greater extent is much broader and consists in the organization of covert video surveillance.

How to wiretap and video surveillance

It is far from always possible to get any information simply by asking a person about it or by going to the Internet. Therefore, most often the organization of covert video surveillance is an excellent help in solving many issues. The most important advantage is that today there are a variety of technical solutions that will allow you to do this quickly and professionally. But it is important to remember that it would seem that even a banal installation of a video camera requires a professional approach. Only then can you watch everything that happens, both from your laptop and from your phone.

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