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Reliable protection of intellectual property brands

Many already recognize the fact that the twenty-first century - this time a total of pirate fishing. And it concerns not only Ukraine but also, in principle, all over the world. Basically, the contract is concerned, of course, physical goods, which include food, clothing, medicines and other public funds. But the object of counterfeiting are and software, movies and many other items of creativity and intellectual labor. That is why all this is called a violation of intellectual property rights. Incredibly huge number of various counterfeit products on the shelves today is Ukraine in particular. And the result was the snake simply banal habit of people to ensure that they are fakes. But the victims are not only the buyers who are very much at risk their health and, in principle, become accomplices of criminals acquiring such goods, but especially serious damage are manufacturers of such products, resulting in the refusal of many companies to enter the market of Ukraine.

Counterfeiting can not be of good quality. Accordingly, the price of such products is significantly lower. But precisely this advantage and are criminals increasing their turnovers on the desire of people to save.

Why there is an infringement of intellectual property rights?

The main reason for this problem lies in the impunity. Despite the many activities that take the law enforcement agencies, certain checks carried out by the relevant authorities, all this is not enough to completely eliminate this type of crime carried out against companies and ordinary citizens. And here it is necessary to fight every case. Therefore it is important that victims of counterfeit themselves were active and initiative in addressing Detective Agency "Private Detective Uzhgorod", whose staff have quite a serious experience in the fight against counterfeit products. We fully take care of the entire process of identifying the perpetrators of the process of production, which is a counterfeit of your goods. Of course, that event is already considered only on an individual basis. But in any case, the protection of intellectual property rights involves making all the necessary activities aimed at revealing the fact of violation of copyright law, as well as the illegal use of the trademark.

We are taking all the necessary steps to install the persons who are involved in this process so that they have incurred full responsibility before the law. We carry out activities aimed at the establishment of places of deployment of such groups, as well as the identification of distribution channels of these products. In particular, we have all the necessary resources to carry out the examination and to establish as evidence that the product is indeed a counterfeit. We are not only ready to make all the necessary collection of information, which can then be sure to be used by you for further cooperation with law enforcement agencies, but also fully prepared to represent your interests in all criminal cases, using the data collected.

Including our detective agency staffed by experienced lawyers who are ready to take over all the activities on preparation of documents as the court and, in principle, to protect intellectual property rights. In short, in cooperation with us you will get the protection of trade marks under the key.

If you have already run some trials and you need advice of experienced lawyers or specialists full support in this segment, it is also our lawyers are always at your service. The main thing that your part was the maximum openness and willingness to cooperate. Only in this case, you can count on the most fruitful results of our private detectives. Only in this case your intellectual property will really be under the protection of the law and experienced people who are competent in this matter.


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