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Mobile monitoring minors

Мобильный контроль несовершеннолетних детей

Mobile phone - is not just a modern means of communication, without which human life already seems unthinkable, but a device that allows us today to get the necessary information about the life and work of another person. But it is necessary to tell at once that it is necessary to use such opportunities very carefully and only in respect of certain people because penetration into the private life of a person without his consent is illegal. That is why the technical and software package that offers our detective agency "Private Detective Uzhgorod" is only available to parents of minor children or relatives of disabled people to perform remote control mobile phone and be aware of what is happening in a person at the moment where he is, if he does not threaten danger. After all, in fact, life in the modern world quite dangerous and difficult. And that our relatives are often in danger. And one phone call can not just change a life, but also to cause substantial harm to the whole family. Therefore it is necessary particularly vigilant attention and for those we love.

Do not waste your time looking for free programs on the internet, as analogues of what we offer, simply does not exist. Our facility is equipped with features that many people just do not even know it. But let's move on to a more detailed acquaintance with this modern innovation.

Interceptor SMS and other messages

Surely you already know that virtually every modern civilized country that parents are fully responsible for their children. And this applies not only to the issues of education, training and solutions other domestic issues, but also the person with whom the child is communicating what information it receives, what to do then. At the same time a great danger for the psyche of children is a modern internet, which is filled with a variety of negative information has a major impact even on adults. Already many are faced with such a problem as not only the dependence on computer games, but the damaged psyche of the child, not just the hours spent in the casino, but also lost money. And start using such resources today baby may even before start talking.

When our experts "charge" phone of your child, you will have access to all sites, resources, social networks, which are visited by your daughter or your son. You can not only see what pages, when and how the subscriber visited links, but also get all the passwords on his accounts. You can completely control any correspondence, which will take place on the Internet. And you do not need to be online with him or her. At any time, when you have time, you can go and see the history of communications. No action on these social networks - www.vk.com - Vkontakte, www.instagram.com - Instagram, www.facebook.com - Facebook, www.ok.ru - Classmates, will not remain hidden from you. And most importantly, that at any moment you can make your child lock access to them. In particular this applies to resources such as WhatsApp, Viber, Skype. Of course, what will you do with the information received, have you decide. We offer you the opportunity to receive it in full and date the form.

Control over a child's phone will allow you to protect it not only from unnecessary, but also negative dating, which can harm your whole family. Our complex will provide you with the ability to read each send and receive messages. And this interceptor sms gives you the opportunity to see even deleted messages that also applies to MMS. Whatever your files, photos and any document is not transferred, for you it will not be a mystery. Also, you can always download anything that is on your phone and get access to contacts, which will be able, if necessary, delete, edit, add. In short, your hands will be full of "duplicate" phone your child or incapacitated relative. Naturally, calls, both incoming and outgoing will be an open book for you. Agree that this is the mobile control dreamed of even your parents. And who knows how many mistakes you could have avoided if such a system was developed many years ago. But today it is you can protect your children from the negative influence.

If you doubt that your child is telling you the truth and actually visiting the wrong places, which puts you on notice that know the exact place of its location you will be a function such as synchronization with Google map, which will be noted the seat of the subscriber at the moment. Including the usability of this feature is still in the fact that you can see the location of the person, not only in real time, but also will know the route of his movement. So you do not have to sit in front of TV and monitor their own phone, then go somewhere your child. In particular, if you come home and find there his elderly relative who thus still does not answer the calls, then find out where he is, this function will also help. Unfortunately, many face is the disappearance of his grandparents, who may at any time lost, lost his memory, become a victim of an accident or fraud.

It is very important that not only the location of the caller will be known to you, but also you will be able to visually see everything that happens in the place where he is with the phone. This is possible thanks to a function that allows you to make photo video images, as well as "listen to" what is happening around your phone. The very same user will not notice any visual changes in his office, which also will be in lock mode. Made such control mobile phone via the Internet. All information from the phone will come to the server. You access it from any place where there is Internet. Some features of our complex involves sending a notification to your email address. But all these problems are solved individually.

So that our specialists can "charge" phone, you will need to provide us with the device is not just more than an hour. Usually our customers to donate already "charged" the new device to your children or relatives, it was not necessary to withdraw available. But if these have any problems, we will consider how you can do in your situation.

The cost of such services starts from 500 USD, which already includes the "charging" the device, connect it to the server, your training and all the necessary settings. But remember that you have no right to make mobile phone monitoring wife, husband or any other people who are not your relatives or incompetent minors. If you violate our notices and tips, you yourself will be liable under the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

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