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Private detective in Ukrainian

Organization of video surveillance of a person

So the person is arranged that his activity becomes the most productive, if there is any control over it. Of course, we are not talking about all without exception. There are a lot of self-motivated people who do not care whether they control them or not.

How to follow his wife on the phone

Women are peculiar and even allowed to have secrets from their beloved. But not infrequently their ladies' secrets cause serious quarrels and divorces, because they provoke jealousy on the part of a man, even if such feelings are completely groundless.

Where to hire a detective for surveillance?

Someone after the sad experience of independent surveillance of a person, and someone immediately understands that if it is necessary to conduct such an operation, it is best to contact the detective agency immediately.


Photo: For the "half" keep an eye


Will the detectives of Ukraine legitimate?

Any organization operating on the territory of Ukraine, should do so in accordance with the law. But for some reason, detective agencies, the need for which is not even discussed, deprived of this opportunity. The legislation in Ukraine does not exist a law that would regulate the work of these organizations. But this issue has already been raised by the deputies of the Duma, and is soon to find its solution.

In what will be part of private detectives?

You should not categorically say that the detective agency are indeed underground organizations. The absence of any regulatory laws and their work ban only on certain activities - this is not an indication that their existence should be prohibited. Detectives can not currently conduct covert video recording or wiretapping exercise facilities, says on this subject, Igor Malovsky. But this question is already on the stage of the decision and will soon receive permission, because for 12 April Duma of Ukraine was submitted a draft law, which is necessary for the legalization of private investigation work on the territory of our country.

And if this law will really be accepted, prior to the detectives will open many doors. They can not only seamlessly deliver some of their services, for example, to conduct and record videosmku, but also be able to cooperate more closely with their counterparts in law enforcement. The experience of other countries in which there are regulations currently very positive effect, both on the detectives themselves, and the work of law enforcement, which can now assign part of their detective work. Also, it's pretty much encourages them in their own professional growth.

That's just what the detectives themselves are waiting with great impatience, when the law is passed, it is not necessary. After all, from this point on their activities will be under the watchful supervision of the Ministry of Interior employees, who will be able to prosecute their colleagues even when the slightest offense and is out of the frame. However, in any case, much better to be completely legal, than ever wary, in principle, for their work.

Services for everyone

Despite all this situation is related to the absence of law, legality and other point, as they say themselves detectives, they do not lack in customer experience. And this despite the fact that their number currently amounts to about two thousand across the country. To say the exact figure in this situation is extremely difficult, because no one is recording and accurate accounting agencies. It is also hard to say, and someone who often uses the services of detectives. But according to the coordinator of the detective agency "Conrad", a higher percentage of orders falls on individuals, most of which use the services of private investigation to find people. In principle, it also is clear. I doubt whether law enforcement officials will seek pop stars or a movie, spend time and energy in search of first love and her ex-husband. And in matters such as the search of the debtor or a rogue people tend to contact the detective agency, even if they submit an application to the police.

No less pressing issue for people is to expose infidelity. Such issues are not solved without the participation of specialists. As even experienced detectives sometimes requires a lot of time to prepare and conduct operations. Although sometimes possible to find out the fact of infidelity and within days after treatment of the client. But you also need to be prepared for those costs that require such services. For example, when it comes to finding people, there is a need to prepare at least two hundred and fifty - five hundred dollars. And in the case of detection of a spouse's infidelity cost is not less than three hundred and fifty dollars a day.

But it is not less active at the moment show also business owners. Yuri says that business leaders and departments are turning to a detective to conduct an audit of its personnel, identify spies and uncover financial fraud. It enjoys great demand opportunity to gather information on the activities of competitors. And especially in this matter helps the polygraph, which in a matter of hours reveals the perpetrator of theft or other crimes in the enterprise. Including struggling with this tool and information leakage. But is all this about a thousand hryvnia. Do not neglect the opportunity to check his office for listening devices. In this case, the price will be about ten dollars per square meter.

Taking place on the act

In practice, private detectives are a variety of situations that anyone can put a dead end. And there was a case in which "Conrad" asked one executive who wanted to expose their subordinates. For the sake of his company was "built on the work of" employee detective agency as a "Sales Manager". It was created a perfect legend of his work and other facts. But on the first day during the presentation of the new employee collective customer expressly stated that now all will be revealed fraud and the perpetrators will be identified and punished, because she started working with a detective agency. And no one will be able to guess which of them is a detective. Convey a sense of a new employee is simply not possible, as the head of the detective agency.

There was a situation when a man wanted to know why his wife is so late coming home, and where she had all these new decorations. Naturally, he just began to suspect his beloved treason. But what it was his surprise when private investigators reported that the woman simply took up their own business, saying nothing to her husband and family. In principle in this area is very popular not only desire to find out whether the wife or lover of her husband's mistress, but also arrange provocations that allow us to understand how a man in principle is willing to change.

There was even in the practice of "Conrad" case where the customer has ordered surveillance of a person. And then it turned out that it is the very object for which you want to monitor. Just the guy had nothing to do, and just wanted to know how experienced detectives, to which he applied.

What's happening abroad?

Today, many countries have legalized the work of private detectives. This applies to England, Germany, the United States, Israel, India, Canada and many others. And each of them already has a very special experience. For example, in the UK the number of detectives and employees of security companies is two times higher than the police. A similar situation occurred in Russia after the adoption of the law on the private investigation. Only in the first two years the number of agencies has increased by almost seven thousand. In America, the budget of these organizations is 50% more than the budget of the police.

Article from the room: "Arguments and Facts in Ukraine" №16 dated 21 April 10
Published: April 22 to 10 (19:37)


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