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Photo and video surveillance

One of the most popular services of our detective agency "Private detective Uzhgorod" - Photo-video surveillance. Often bought surveillance of the premises or grounds around them. To do this, set the camcorder and tablets that are monitored. This is done in order to prevent theft or vandalism. Such measures save money on protection of objects, you need fewer people to protect. This is advantageous when large objects are protected by guards and the work becomes easier.

Another thing , when you need surveillance of man. This is usually done for its security or information . Surveillance can be conducted in your home, this hidden surveillance. For example, you decide to watch your nanny . And there may be surveillance, protection when you need apartments, villas , houses, cars . There are some legal restrictions on the people watching , but everything can be solved within the framework of the law. If it is used to prevent a crime or to human security , all completely legal.

We give examples of when bought our service :

· It is necessary to determine the place of human habitation ;

· The target is to visit anywhere ;

· Secure a bribe ;

· Secure the human rights violation.

As you can see , there is nothing illegal .

If surveillance is conducted , then the object is often followed by car , the detective uses various methods of concealment : changing clothes , makeup, hair. Often, it is engaged in the work of more than one employee . Additional people are used to distract people from watching .

Therefore , the cost of services for each case will be different. Detective will tell you beforehand that will be included in the cost of your services . You may need to be an employee trip to another city or country , in order not to interrupt the surveillance started in Uzhgorod . Often that need continuous surveillance of the object of observation . We can provide services for monitoring your family or any of your loved one during the stay at the resort in another country for their safety.

Our detective agency " Private detective Uzhgorod" works not only on the territory of Ukraine or the Transcarpathian region , we are working in other countries . Where ever you are , you can always contact us on our contacts .

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