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Detective Agency in Velikii-bychkov

Detective Agency in Velikii-bychkov


If you have long been looking for reliable and consistent performers who will not only assist you in solving any issues of your business, but also help in solving personal problems, you should contact the detective agency "Private detective Uzhgorod". Our team of experts breaks the stereotype on the subject of detective agency dealing exclusively with crime investigation or search of any information. Naturally, all this is included in the range of services to our detective agency in the Grand Bychkova, but also we are always ready to provide you with the services of experienced psychologists, qualified lawyers, professional experts in the field of medicine. And this is not the whole list of the members of our detective agency. 

Identification of her husband's infidelity in Velikii-bychkov

It is difficult to say whether adultery challenge for the modern family than it was before. Most likely, questions her husband's infidelity or the wife is always keenly were and are, no matter what the year on the street, what's happening in society takes a family, how old they are, how long they are married. From this no one has insurance. But today it is much easier to learn, does not change whether the wife to her husband while he is on a business trip. It's enough to make only one call to the detective agency in the Grand Bychkova, and our staff will be able not only to find out whether or not your wife's lover, but also to produce a collection of information about it, if you have such a wish. 

Naturally, this does not mean that your wife you are guaranteed a change, if you have any any suspicions. And it is quite possible that we will give you proof of her loyalty to you, and you will have good arguments for yourself, not to file for divorce because of infidelity women. In addition, you can take advantage of this service we have, as a test of loyalty. It is relevant to those who believe in loyalty to its second half at the moment, but wants to make sure that this person will not change in the future. But in some cases, such a check reveals the most hidden traits of man and his true nature. So you should be ready to complete any outcome. 

Surveillance for your child 

Every parent knows how dangerous and difficult adolescence is for any child, no matter how carefully you may be invested in his education. And there is a period in a relationship when you just can not affect your son or daughter, but you can use our services and order surveillance for your teen to be aware of the environment in which he is not got any in bad company . In this case, the surveillance of a person would in no way violate the law, but would be the only manifestation of parental care. You can also set and in his house photographic surveillance that will allow you to be aware of not only the behavior of your child while you are not home, but also your home staff. 

Photo and video surveillance

If your relationship reached a stage that your son or your daughter left home, you can order a search for relatives. Employees detective agency in the Grand Bychkova always quickly begin to search for people, as soon as we receive a request for it. Especially the presence of various gadgets in the modern world not only allows you to search for people by name, but also to find a person by phone number. We also have all the possibilities, how to find a person by name, and set its address on the phone, if the unit is silent in response to all your calls. With skillful use of a telephone a person's life can give a lot of information about him and greatly assist in the conduct of a particular investigation. 

Assistance to entrepreneurs from Velikii-bychkov

Also, our regular customers include many of whose leaders are asking us to spend a polygraph test of all personnel in the event of theft or some other crime. In this case, the lie detector gives an almost perfect result and allows often found among the employees of the company spies who have gained access to important databases or just planning to do so. 

As part of these services we will immediately advise our customers to book with us check at the premises to detect listening devices. We produce professional and prompt search for bugs, can find anywhere wiretapping of mobile phones, even if you already have an antiproslushka.

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